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Good account managers are worth their weight in gold. Why? Bringing in and keeping important clients creates enormous profit! That’s why successful account managers are well-paid and quickly promoted. Do ‘profit’ and ‘bonus’ sound like music to your years? Do you have what it takes to reel in the big fish?
Then sign up for this practical home course and start off as an account manager!
You’ll learn everything you’ll need to excel in this glamorous business: taking care of client relationships, selling products and services, taking important decisions. You’ll learn to deliver results. Upon course completion, you can take your place as a professional account manager. Take the opportunity to sign up now.
Your future as an Account Manager
Important terminology
Starting out
The five phases of an effective sales conversation
Create professional quotes
Tailoring your approach to your audience
Resolving conflict
Promotion and advertising techniques
Professional negotiations
Meetings, telephoning and presenting
Developing a profitable and sustainable network
The importance of body language, facial expressions and appropriate clothing
Gain new clients
Inspire loyalty and maintain your client base
Learn the secrets of sales talks
Active listening and strategic communication


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