How to Open Your Bank Account in the United States



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Do you want to open and manage yourself your bank account in the United States?
If you are a foreign entrepreneur, this practical guide is for you!
This third guide in the YES TO ENTREPRENEURS® series will help you understand how the American banking system works. It will also provide you with the tools you need to open and manage your own bank account in the United States, both business and personal.
Together, we will explore several aspects of the banking world in the United States:
* Banking regulation and agencies
* Types of bank accounts
* Choice of bank
* Prerequisites to open a bank account
* Bank account management
* Bank transfers and less expensive solutions
* Bank cards – debit, credit, hybrid
* Merchant accounts – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
* PayPal account
* Alternative solutions
Exclusive Bonus: Useful Resources
Throughout the process of writing this guide, the author accumulated many hyperlinks that greatly enrich its content. An up-to-date list of these hyperlinks can be found at the web address listed in the Useful Resources section, at the end of this guide.
Go for it! Open and manage your own bank account in the United States.
About the Author
A lawyer by training, Vincent Allard is above all an entrepreneur. In 1999, although he was well established in Montreal, Canada, he decided to immigrate to the United States with his family and their dog Rusty. In 2001, he launched CorpoMax Inc., specializing in the creation of U.S. companies.
For nearly 20 years, Vincent Allard has helped thousands of entrepreneurs from over 50 countries start their businesses in the United States. He is a regular speaker on the organization and launch of U.S. companies.
Vincent Allard is the author of three practical guides for entrepreneurs, available in English and French:
* How to Start Your Business in the United States
* How to Name Your Business in the United States
* How to Open Your Bank Account in the United States
The author is member of the Quebec Bar, Canadian Bar and American Bar associations.
1 – Introduction
1.1 Presentation
2 – Understanding the Banking System in the United States
2.1 Banking Regulation
2.2 Federal Regulatory Agencies
2.3 Anti-money Laundering and Anti-terrorism
2.4 Types of Banks
2.5 Active Banks in the United States
3 – Everything About Bank Accounts in the United States
3.1 Types of Bank Accounts
3.2 Bank Documents to Sign
3.3 Bank Account Details
3.4 Bank Account Management
3.5 Bank Cards
3.6 Bank Statements
3.7 Bank Checks
3.8 Bank Transfers
3.9 Bank Fees
3.10 Bank Customer Service
4 – Business Bank Account: Facts … and Secrets!
4.1 Choice of Bank
4.2 Prerequisites to Open a Business Bank Account
4.3 Sensitive Topics for Banks
4.4 Authorized Signatories
4.5 Using the Bank Account
4.6 One Bank Account Is Good. But…
4.7 Need a Real Credit Card?
4.8 Bank Compliance Department
4.9 Closing the Bank Account
4.10 Personal Bank Account: Some Tips
4.11 Alternative Solutions
5 – Merchant Account and PayPal: Yes, It Is Possible!
5.1 Visa / MasterCard / Amex Merchant Account
5.2 PayPal Account
6 – Conclusion
6.1 If I Were You…
* Exclusive Bonus: Useful Resources


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